Weusi Baraka

Community organizer, creative arts curator, and host (Weusi is multi-dimensional and has multiple hustles so he his job title is always hella long)

Enter my world …

one filled with the random thoughts, creative musings, community, beauty, arts/entertainment, organizational process nerdiness, calculated risk, music, fatherhood, spousal ramblings, professional obstacles, defeats, triumph, joy, tears and a whole lotta love!


Not All Hood Podcast

Check out the new podcast NAH Not All Hood featuring Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Candace Kelly and Weusi Baraka.


Weusi Baraka (no relation)…it means Black Blessing in Kiswahili…and yes, the name is on the birth certificate

ALIAS: Way, Usi, Baba, Baba Uncle, Baba Wyntr…[Baba is a term used for a father or someone that should be addressed with respect in many parts of Africa and the world]

a “businessman” and “a business, man”, short, balanced, Black, youthful, thoughtful, unconventional, thought-provoking, blessed, balanced, risk taker, motivator, selectively outspoken, impulsive, oxymoronic, organizer, left-footed, school taught, social, husband, observer, nice guy, some formal education, challenger, nomadic, Virgo, political, selfish, tastemaker, leader, mature, married, right-handed, hard-nosed, creative, disciplined, forgetful , principled, misanthrope, thinker, centered, manager, underdog, community schooled, confident, rational, arts lover, team builder, legal, community-minded, quiet and a father!

Outside of all this, Weusi is a recovering music addict, record collector and an ex-Selector/DJ.